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How do you show the people in your life appreciation?

Showing appreciation the people we love can be difficult. I constantly find myself saying how unique everyone is, so I try to use every love language to show people I love and appreciate them (here's how).

Words of affirmation: I use words of affirmation by saying, "I appreciate you" after venting or getting someone's advice.

Acts of Service: Whenever someone mentions something they have to do, I try to ask them if they need help, then provide it in the best way I know how.

Receiving Gifts: If I'm at a store and I see anything that reminds me of one of my people, I try to buy it for them (or send them a picture of it if I don't have enough money for it lol).

Quality Time: This one is a little easier for me, since it is my love language. When I spend time with people, I make it interesting by PUTTING MY PHONE DOWN and saying what's on my mind. I also try to ask thoughtful questions (what would you be if you had to live in the world as anything other than a human, what color describes you, if you could live anywhere in the world where would it be and why, etc.)

Physical Touch: *This love language does not always have to be sexual* I give this love language by giving high fives or fist bumps when I relate to what someone is saying or something I agree with. Also, I make up special handshakes with people (because I am not a hugger AT ALL).

How do you show people you love and appreciate them?

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