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Letting Go

What are you going to let go of in 2022? What is currently causing that thing to be present in your life? What purpose does it serve?

As mentioned in the podcast, I'm letting go of insecurity. After digging deep, I realized my insecurities are caused by a fear of being imperfect. I also realized how irrational this fear is because I am human and humans are not perfect (we never will be). As I sat with my insecurity, I began to notice the purpose of my insecurity; drive. The fear of not being perfect is what gives me an extra push when I feel like giving up by reminding me "although I may be giving 98% right now, it's not 100%." While this creates a positive drive, it also causes stress, anxiety, and worry which have negative impacts on my body as well as my psyche. So, it has to go.

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