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Where did power in humanity begin?

     As our country began adjusting to the “new normal” after recovering from the effects of COVID, we decided to explore our unique, individual capability to adapt to our new lives. We soon realized numerous issues stemming from poor mental health habits. Children are socially and academically delayed, inflation is rising out of control causing great stress on the working class, and our health care workers are exhausted!

     To combat these issues, we started Power in Humanity, a small business which focuses on mental health and wellness. Power in Humanity began in September 2020 as a podcast in hope of sparking conversations about difficult issues in diverse communities and has been expanding ever since.


To empower society when having conversations about difficult topics by creating a safe space for conversation, exploring multiple perspectives, and allowing others to speak their minds.



While we started as a podcast, we plan on expanding to include published books, brochures, lectures, seminars, and open discussions.

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